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If you are a tried and true boat owner and lover, you will know that every so often your boat needs a little extra TLC which you may not be able to give it while it is still in the water. Hauling out can be a timely and tedious task, especially if the reason you need to haul out is for minor or major repairs or maintenance. Once the decision has been made that in order to address the repairs your boat needs, it needs to be hauled, there are many specific logistical considerations that need to be brought into light. You will need to decide where your boat will be hauled, when it is suitable for you and when the yard is able to accommodate you and move your boat and deliver it to the yard at the appointment time.

What Are The Costs Of A Haul Out?

Boat yards can vary in cost for their haul out services. They often charge by foot and most of them have a minimum fee. Depending on how long your boat is parked in their yard, you may also incur additional storage fees. While a lot of yards may offer a relaunch included in their pricing, you will need to read your contract carefully to make sure it states such, or you could end up enduring extra hidden costs.

Hauling Out For Repairs

There are many reasons why boat owners haul out their boats. For example, storage for the off-seasons like winter being one of them. But if your boat is being hauled out for maintenance such as bottom job, thru-hull or anode repair, you will need to inform the yard of this. If the yard stores your boat toward the back of the lot with numerous other boats parked in front of it, it may prohibit you from relaunching when you want to.

Owning a boat may be fun and rewarding, but it doesn’t go without its difficulties. Dry dock repairs can be one of the most frustrating tasks to execute in the boating world.

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