Slipway Guide Jetty, St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.



Maritime Preservation Limited is committed to the delivery of consistent customer satisfaction while safeguarding the Health and Safety of employees, customers, contractors and the community.

Maritime Preservation Limited has a vested interest in the preservation of the environment and marine life and will exercise due diligence to minimize any negative impact on the Environment. This will be accomplished through the proactive development of a safety culture and compliance of safe work procedures as defined by regulatory and industry best practices.


With the leadership of our management team the company will identify work place hazards utilizing suitable risk assessments to implement controls to create a safe working environment and mitigate risks.

All workers will receive suitable and sufficient training to ensure they discharge their responsibilities safely without causing harm to themselves and others in keeping with company procedures.

Allocation of Resources

Management will allocate the resources necessary to ensure the continuous development of the HSE management system which will be continuously monitored and recorded.

Management will also ensure that Health and Safety resonate as a priority in all of its commercial activities.