Slipway Guide Jetty, St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.


Size matters…

Our boutique size enables us to dedicate our entire staff to addressing your ships maintenance requirements ensuring quick turnaround, so you can get back to work as soon as possible. Your job is our TOP priority.

Full assortment of steel fabrication equipment for 100+ workers.
Expansive inventory of spares, tools and equipment.

    • Slipway capacity – 1,800 Tons
    • Dry Dock Draft – 18 feet
    • Dry Dock Beam – 55 feet
    • Dry Dock Length – 300 feet
    • Wet dock Pier – 250 feet
    • 15-ton Crane
    • 25-ton Crane
    • Fork Lifts
    • Air compressors / hoppers for four blasters
    • Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) water blasters – 40,000 PSI
    • Air less paint sprayers
    • Full machine shop and mechanical department Electrical Department – generator and motor repair
    • Plumbing & Plumbing Department
    • Power – 440/220/110 volts shore power (1,000 Amps + European Voltage)
    • 100 amps stand by generator

Our compact facility means we dedicate all our resources to one vessel at a time and we keep the line moving right on deadline. You can count on speedy, personalized service round the clock.

Call us to learn more about the hundreds of marine equipment items we have in stock at discount rates.

Our Services

FROM BRIDGE TO BILGE’, Our decades of experience qualify us to offer a full range of services from total conversions to minor paint jobs.

Fabrication Equipment

Expansive inventory of spares, tools and equipment…


Our niche today is focused on repairing commercial vessels under 1800 tons and 300-foot LOA, however, we offer riding crews and offshore services for any size vessel at anchor.